Seafood Festival and Uncle's Fish Market & Grill at Pier 38, Honolulu

Hawaii is known for its fresh and delicious seafood. We all love our seafood…raw, fried, grilled, baked, poached…whatever!

The Seafood Festival was held at Pier 38 off Nimitz Highway on October 11th. Hawaii has some of the best seafood and each year it is honored by the Seafood Festival.

Look at all these booths. These booths represent Hawaii’s fishing industry. So for you passionate fishermen, attending the Seafood Festival is a must to get the latest information and keep up with what’s happening.
Of course I enjoy fishing but I think I’m more of a seafood eating aficionado.

The temperature controlled fish auction warehouse was decorated with panel displays about the fish in our sea and real live seafood. Fantastic! A great place to take your children to learn about the variety that lives in our ocean.

It’s amazing that all these fish can be caught in our waters.

So many types of tuna too.

The onaga and opakapaka are two fish that represent Hawaii.

So from the whole fish displays to the sashimi displays. You’ve got to appreciate the fishmonger’s ability to slice up the fish into such beautiful filets. They all look so delicious!

Hawaii’s famous Tamashiro Market had a booth too. For more information on them please look at “Places to See” on our website.

And look at the assortment of “poke”. For more information on that please look at “Let’s Talk Story-October 2008”. The poke is ready to eat!

There were also fish art, “Gyotaku” demonstrations and mini lectures on how to choose fresh sashimi as well as about diving precautions.

People came for the education, entertainment and the food. A nice big tented area made it convenient for the folks to enjoy the plates of fresh seafood while they listened to contemporary Hawaiian music.

This was the fourth annual Seafood Festival. We hope that it will continue to grow and draw more people each year. Aloha!

Two popular restaurants located right next to the fish auction are Nico’s and Uncle’s. They serve only fresh fish…nothing frozen.

Check this place out for fresh and reasonable plate lunches.

Nico's Pier 38

I happened to have lunch at Uncle’s and would like to tell you a bit about this place. It has only been opened for about two years but is already drawing loyal customers. Their advertising is cute too, “Fish so fresh, it’s from tomorrow!”

Uncle’s fish is supplied by Fresh Island Fish Co., which is located right next to the restaurant. This fish wholesaler owns Uncle’s. So you are literally getting the fresh seafood “from the boat to the plate.” Uncle’s serves whatever the fishermen bring in.

And the décor is very retro Hawaiian, very nostalgic. It depicts the history of the Aku fishermen that have long served our community. Video screens project vintage footage of aku boat fishing voyages, home videos and travels throughout Hawaii and the South Pacific. It’s neat that the owner of Uncle’s created the restaurant with all the “Uncles of Hawaii” in mind. He created a place where they can relax and enjoy good food.

Uncle's serves the freshest and highest quality seafood on the island at reasonable prices. Many styles of preparation and sauces are available for the customer to choose from. The Poke Tower is Uncle’s signature appetizer. Another hot appetizer that is recommended is the Baked Lump Crab Meat with Avocados. The pastas are also delicious as well as the fish tacos.

I enjoyed the fish and chips. I know, traditional but simply excellent. It was made with fresh opah. My friend had the crab and avocado salad…plenty of crab! And their seafood chowder completed our lunch.

Uncle’s is open for lunch and dinner. There is even Hawaiian entertainment during the weekends and in the evenings. The chef has even developed a Japanese style teishoku dinner that includes sashimi, miso soup, fried ahi belly, rice and tsukemono (pickles).

Only 15 minutes from Waikiki and on the way to the airport, Uncle’s is definitely a place to visit for fresh Hawaiian seafood.

Honolulu Festival

Uncle's Fish Market & Grill

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