Kapiolani Community College Annual International Festival

This year marks the 22nd Annual International Festival at UH-KCC. The Festival was held this week from March 16-18 on campus. There were art displays, cultural presentations and other activities representing many international cultures.

Professor Linda Fujikawa and her students were busy during the International Gala. There was a fashion show highlighting the beautiful apparel of international countries. The students of Japanese Class 290 and 297 also displayed their presentations introducing the Japanese culture through art, music, food and activities. I have been told that these presentations are part of their grades. Taihen and yet quite impressive. I could tell that the students were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Here are some photos to prove it.

Kwon and Yushi practicing calligraphy.

Anime and Karaoke.

Kaga Yuzen: Hand painted kimono design by guest artist from Japan, Ms. Kazuko Bansho.

Ikumi modeling kimono.

Tyler presenting Japanese art designs.

Koto demonstration by Taro, Mayo, Hiro and Sayaka.

West African display.

Akitaka in Kabuki style with his buddy representing West Africa.

Okonomiyaki and Sushi. Oishii!

Arlynne and Professor Linda Fujikawa. Linda is dressed in a beautiful Korean outfit.

Freeman Scholarship Students...they're going to study in Japan from April! Ureshii.

The 16th Annual Honolulu Festival is a huge success.

What a wonderful event! All the workers, performers and volunteers worked for a year to make this past weekend a huge success. And it was. Of course my opinion is quite subjective. How should we measure it objectively? By numbers of participants? Numbers of attendees at the Hawaii Convention Center? Numbers of attendees at the other venues? At the Parade? Economical impact on our state? All of that I suppose. But the most important thing is how the Festival impacted each and every one of us personally. Kinda priceless, don't you think? Lots of hard work was put into this year's Festival. Organizers must evaluate all of it in the next few weeks. And then it is time to roll up our sleeves and start working on the 17th! Gee, I wonder what the theme will be for next year? Yes, so much to think about. But for this week...let's relax and enjoy our success! Aloha.