The Contemporary Museum (TCM) at First Hawaiian Center

The Honolulu Festival Foundation board meetings are held every other month on the 30th floor of the First Hawaiian Bank in downtown Honolulu. Before our meeting I was able to spend some time at The Contemporary Museum (TCM) at First Hawaiian Center. TCM in Honolulu, located at the bank and at the primary campus in the former Cooke-Spalding house and gardens in residential Makiki Heights, is the only museum in Hawaii devoted exclusively to contemporary art. The exhibits rotate frequently.

Hiroki (Earth Cycle)

Setsuko (acrylic and ceramic)

TCM at First Hawaiian Center opened in 1996 and showcases art by current or former resident artists of Hawaii. The galleries are located in the banking area on the first floor and on the second floor. What is so nice is that you can visit TCM after your banking and view the beautiful works of art. The works of the Morinoue Family of the Big Island are being displayed from now until January 9, 2010. They represent the works of the father Hiroki, mother Setsuko and daughter Miho. The colors are vibrant and the themes are very earthy. I am clueless when it comes to appreciating art but I felt very comfortable and peaceful viewing the Morinoue family’s treasures. Each artist is unique and yet there are similarities. I enjoyed each artists' work but liked Miho’s paintings focused around bed, bedroom and sleep. Isn’t it wonderful that the Morinoues can enjoy so much talent all in one family?

Miho's work

Please take some time out of your busy schedule and stroll through the TCM at First Hawaiian Center. Consider it a treat for your soul and mind.

I am an American (Hiroki)

I am a Male and Female

Honolulu Festival

The Contemporary Museum

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