Splendor of China Part 4 Beijing Art Performing Group and China National Performing Arts Group

Here is the final section of Splendor of China. I hope that you have enjoyed it. This part is about the performing groups from Beijing that came from far away to entertain the people of Hawaii. Such splendid performances, what a treat!

First of all, the Chinese harp. The selections were contemporary. It was quite unique to hear western style music played on the traditional Chinese harp.

A magic show from Beijing. The comical entertainment got the audience to laugh.

And…the world famous Changing Face Magician!

I was really looking forward to this performance.

The magician blows fire and smoke.

He moves quickly and changes his mask one by one, scary ones too.
And he does it in a blink of an eye and it appears as though he is not even touching the masks at all!

I wonder how he created this illusion?

He appears to resemble a Kabuki actor. And then…all masks are removed!

The audience clapped and cheered.

The show lasted about fifteen minutes. Sure wish it was longer.

The next act was an acrobatic duo with a comical flair, a tragedy about a spoiled princess and monk.

Here goes the bratty princess ordering the monk to do acrobat with a candle on his head.

Hesitant at first, the monk proves to the princess that he is good.

Then the princess pushes the monk to do more difficult moves…and he succeeds.
The audience laughs at the facial expressions of the monk as the bratty princess orders him to do more.

The princess makes the monk blow the fire from the candle on his head without using his hands.

It was a very cute and funny skit.

This concludes my report on Splendor of China. I hope you enjoyed it. Of course the best thing to do is mark your calendars for October 2009 so you can personally attend the annual festival. The variety of activities was very entertaining. And as always, experiencing the culture of China was not only educational but enlightening! Aloha.

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