Splendor of China Part 3 Chinese Dog Show and Hawaiian Moon Fashion Show

Let’s talk about the dog show and the fashion show that was held at Splendor of China.

I know that there are many dog lovers. I’m one of them. So when I heard that there was going to be a show of dogs originally bred in China I was excited.

Here’s the Chow chow…so fluffy and huggable.
Here is the interesting Chinese Crested.

And next is a long haired Pug. I’ve never seen one of these before.

And then the cute Shar Pei, full of wrinkles.

And here is a Chin.

I think that this is a Shih Tzu. Please accept my apology. I should have taken better notes about the breeds. But the main thing is that they are all dogs originally bred in China. Isn’t that amazing?

Next is the Fashion Show organized by Hawaiian Moon, a favorite local brand. Even the dog is wearing a matching outfit!

Great fashion for the entire family to wear.
I’m not sure if the dog appreciates this.

Mahalo to Hawaiian Moon for putting on a great Fashion Show.

Here are the contestants of the 60th Narcissus Queen Pageant in their beautiful Chinese outfits, Cheongsam. Contestants of the Narcissus Queen Pageant must be of Chinese descent.

The beauties all have stylish figures. They look radiant in their cheongsam.

I am looking forward to having them participate in the 15th Annual Honolulu Festival Grand Parade.

What a wonderful presentation of another aspect of China’s culture.

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