Spendor of China Part 2 The Food

A Chinese Festival must have Chinese food!

There were over ten booths representing various kinds of Chinese dishes.

Panda Express had a very large booth.

Tables and chairs were set up so that everyone could take their time and enjoy a nice meal.

This picture was taken at 10:00 in the morning. By noon, this place was packed.

All sorts of Chinese dishes and snacks.

Finger food and delicious dim sum!

Celebrity chef Martin Yan was also at the festival. He loves Hawaii and has become a regular at Splendor of China. Chef Yan showed off his cooking skills during the two days. He’s funny too! He is currently featured on public television. His latest show is called “Martin Yan’s China”-a blend of travel, culture and cooking. Hope the show comes to Hawaii.


Then there was the Cow Guts Stew Eating Contest hosted by Chin's Kahala…to see who can eat the stew the quickest. And I know there are many who will squirm just thinking of cow guts.I think it sounds worse than it really is. I’ve had some dishes similar to this one and it’s quite tasty.

Let the contest begin.

After eating the whole plate of stew each contestant had to open their mouth and show that they ate all the innards. And because the dish is very chewy it took a while to finish the plate.

And the winner is…

a very young and tall man! Here is a picture of the winner with the Narcissus Queen and her Court. Lucky guy.

Isn’t this great? Once again the cross cultural angle that I am always talking about. You’ve heard of America’s hot dog eating contests and pie eating contests, so here’s a new one for you. And only at a Chinese cultural event in Hawaii!

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