Nagaoka Fireworks

One of the greatest fireworks displays in the world is coming to Waikiki Beach March 4, 2012. Are you ready for it?
Are you ready for a fireworks display that will literally vibrate your very core?
Are you ready for something more from your fireworks than just a common celebration?
Well we've got you covered!
The Honolulu Festival is proud to be teaming up with the city of Nagaoka to bring this amazing treat all the way from Japan to Waikiki Beach, so hurry up and mark your calendar, Sunday March 4, 2012 you are BUSY.

This is going to make the Friday night fireworks look like sparklers.

These fireworks are not just visually stunning, they are emotionally loaded with the gunpowder of prayer and peace. Check out this interview from the 2011 Honolulu Festival to learn more about the message of peace these fireworks serve to bring to the lucky viewers.

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