Alaska Native Heritage Center Dancers from Anchorage, Alaska to participate in the 16th Annual Honolulu Festival for the second time.

The Honolulu Festival Foundation is excited to announce that the Alaska Native Heritage Center Dancers from Anchorage, Alaska will be returning to the 16th Annual Honolulu Festival. Six dancers will be performing for the second consecutive time on March 13th and 14th, 2010. Hawaii’s residents and visitors will once again be able to experience Alaska’s Native People through their dance and music. Last year’s dancing group enjoyed their visit to Hawaii. Not only was it an opportunity for them from the 49th state to visit the 50th and experience the difference in the climate, environment and activities, but the group enjoyed sharing their unique culture with those that attended the 15th Annual Honolulu Festival.

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is a non-profit organization that was established in 1989 as a community gathering place for the indigenous people of Alaska. They serve in, “Sharing, perpetuating and preserving the unique Alaska Native cultures, languages, traditions and values through celebration and education.”

The Honolulu Festival Foundation would like to thank Alaska Airlines for sponsoring the group so that they may attend the Festival. You don’t want to miss their performance featuring their headdresses made from the hair of wolverines, feather ornaments and traditional drums.

Hana hou.

Honolulu Festival

Alaska Native Heritage Center

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