Haili's Backyard Luau at Ward

Don’t you just love creativity? Thinking outside of the box? Exploring all possibilities and coming up with solutions has always motivated me. I thought it was important to write about Haili’s Hawaiian Foods after hearing about their interim solution to continue their business after their lease at Ward Farmer’s Market expired. Definitely creative!

Haili’s Hawaiian Foods was established in 1950 and was located at the Farmer’s Market on Auahi Street for the longest time. They specialized in all sorts of Hawaiian dishes-plate lunch, poke, pipikaula, dried fish and much more. I believe it was in the beginning of this year that they vacated their place. It was a very sad occurrence but it seemed like so many of the old mom and pop stores all around Hawaii were going through the same situation. I think it makes us local folks appreciate the old establishments much more and try to be loyal to them. Well, this story has a very happy ending. It turns out that the Haili family had an idea. They were able to come up with a lunchwagon concept right across from where they used to have their store. The new concept is called Haili’s Backyard Luau. There’s a very attractive lunchwagon, an area where the staff can grill their pulehu steak and a group of picnic tables for the customers to sit and eat. And this is all located right across from the Ward Stadium 16 Theaters!

Haili’s has added a variety of new items to their menu such as wraps, pulehu steak, Hawaiian-style hot dog, rice bowls, salads and a signature dessert. I guess their target audience is not only the local folks who love traditional Hawaiian food but also the younger generation, those who are more health conscious and our visitors.

As for me, gotta have my traditional Hawaiian food fix once in a while so I decided to go with the combination Hawaiian plate…ono and of good value at $10. You have a choice of eating at one of the tables and watch people as they walk by this busy area (actually they’re probably watching you) or request your meal to go. Come on down to Haili’s Backyard Luau!

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Haili's Backyard Luau

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