Kuwayama Family from Japan at the Honolulu Festival

It was Saturday of the Honolulu Festival. Very busy all day long so I stopped to take a break. I had been planning all morning long to buy the okonomiyaki for lunch. All the tables in the dining area were taken so I joined the table of a Japanese family,a young couple and baby boy. They looked like they lived in Hawaii. Got around talking to them and found out they were visiting for two weeks from Shinagawa, Japan. Two weeks...pretty nice. Interesting to find out that the young man's mom grew up in Hawaii but moved to Japan, got married and still lives there. They were visiting the mom's mom, his grandmother, who is 95 years old and lives by herself in Moiliili. They wanted her to meet her great grandson Koichi. I thought that was so nice. So I took their picture and promised to post it on my blog. In the meantime I emailed them the picture and got such a nice note. Thought I'd share that with all of you:

Thank you for sending us the photo!
We couldn't find it on the Website
so we're very happy to receive it via email.

We had fun at the Honolulu Festival.
Our 95 year-old grandmother loved the parade,
and kept standing in the crowd watching it for 2 hours!


From the Kuwayamas in our Shinagawa home

I guess it is these sort of experiences that make me feel good about the Honolulu Festival. I hope that the Kuwayamas come back next year! Aloha.

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