“Heart of the Pacific, Creating Our Future”

The Honolulu Festival Foundation is very excited to announce its sub theme for the 15th Annual Honolulu Festival to be held on March 13-15, 2009.

Throughout the years our Festival has grown with our constant theme “Pacific Harmony” in mind.Our sub theme for the 15th Annual Honolulu Festival is “Heart of the Pacific, Creating Our Future.” As we celebrate our 15th year of organizing this premier cultural event in Hawaii, it is our intent to target our future and grow our programs.

The Honolulu Festival has continued to develop from Hawaii, the heart or “piko” (Hawaiian word for “navel”) of the Pacific. The sense of aloha that is ingrained in the hearts of the people of Hawaii is displayed in many ways. It is “ho’okipa”, the warm hospitality that is shown by the Hawaiian people to the visitors from abroad. It is also “ohana”, the ability to embrace others as family, to accept and include the cultures and traditions of our immigrants from various countries, and thus create a unique and complex culture that is truly “Hawaiian”. In recent years our cultural exchange programs have expanded based on the strong relationships established with our neighboring Pacific Rim countries. It is our vision to pass on these valuable cultures and traditions to our future generations.

The 15th Annual Honolulu Festival will be a milestone, a celebration commemorating 15 years of bringing this cultural extravaganza to Hawaii. We will pull out all the stops in regards to performances, programs and participation. We need your support more than ever.

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