Honolulu Festival Logo Items to be Sold Online Soon

The Honolulu Festival Foundation has been working diligently on this project for quite some time now. Our goal is to be able to introduce all sorts of logo items that local residents and visitors may be interested in purchasing. One of the most popular gifts that folks buy in Hawaii is the T-shirt. Hawaii and T-shirt, they go hand in hand, just like cake and ice cream. The people who live in Hawaii wear T-shirts constantly. And they are always looking for new ones with different designs. The visitors to Hawaii also buy them as gifts for others and for themselves to commemorate their stay in our beautiful islands. Each year, the Honolulu Festival has been producing a logo T-shirt based on a special theme. And we also make a baseball cap to go along with it. These can be purchased during the event at the Hawaii Convention Center. But we also get many requests even after our annual event. And thus we have decided to sell them online in the near future.

Something that we created for the 14th Annual Honolulu Festival that was used for a give-away was a recyclable shopping bag with the Honolulu Festival logo on it. It was quite popular and we hope to continue this idea to maintain ecological awareness amongst our participants and spectators…Go Green!

And we are in the midst of creating three T-shirts with special Honolulu Festival designs to be sold right on our website. The creative designs for the new T-shirts are stylish and keep the traditions and culture of the Pacific Rim in mind. Please stay tuned for our logo items. Aloha.

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