Hawaii no ka oi

June was summer vacation time for my husband and I. We went to our son's wedding in Denver. There was also time to visit friends and family, fish trout near Steamboat Springs at Hahn's Peak Lake where we hope to build a cabin in the near future and enjoy the mountains. I hadn't been to the Mainland for almost two years so it was nice to get off the rock, the rock we call Oahu, Hawaii. We also spent time in Monterey and San Francisco. We thoroughly enjoyed Fisherman's Wharf in both places. Side trips to Pebble Beach and Carmel were quite nice too.
All in all, a wonderful vacation. It was time to relax and refresh our minds and bodies.
The bad thing about vacations is that you tend to overeat. Part of a vacation is trying the delicacies of each destination-the chowders, the seafood, the authentic Mexican dishes and much more. I try to be good but the delicious foods are so tempting. Fat chance that I am going to miss out on the wonderful meals.
But about half way through the vacation, home sickness began to set in. Maybe it's because I am getting older but I sure missed home. I guess I am lucky to have Hawaii for my home. And being away just made me appreciate Hawaii much more than I normally do. Yes, Hawaii no ka oi. That means that Hawaii is the best.
The whole nation is going through similar troubles. There's the gas price to worry about, the traffic on our highways, salmonella in our veggies, the bear stock market. And the list can go on. Poor California, they also have the brush fires to worry about. We can all get sick from worrying about all these issues. So for me, a glass half full than half empty kind of person, I thank the Lord to have Hawaii as my home. I am glad to smell the fresh Hawaiian air. I am awed to be able to see the 4th of July fireworks at Magic Island from my lanai so perfectly. I am glad to be able to see Kim, Keahi and Guy on the evening news. And I am happy to get set in my routines once again...until my next trip. Hawaii no ka oi!
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