Yoga, Sex and the City and Dinner

My girlfriend had a birthday last Friday. There are three of us that have been friends over thirty years. We all met when we worked together for a tour company here in Hawaii. So I thought it would be nice to celebrate this weekend by taking in the movie Sex and the City. I never watched it when it was on TV but my daughter just loves it. I thought that it would be fun, a chick flick with lots of laughing and fashion.
So Saturday morning started with the BD girl and I going to our regular yoga class. The yoga class is at a beautiful Korean temple deep into Palolo Valley. I never knew such a place existed until I started attending yoga there. I've been going to classes once a week for about four months now. I know it's good for me but it has been hard for my body, I'm not flexible at all. After a session of 1.5 hours and sweating profusely I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Of course it takes me a few minutes to peel myself from the mat and then another ten minutes to get to my car. When I first started I would ache for the next week but not anymore, okay, perhaps just a tiny bit the next day.
So this Saturday it was yoga and then home to prep some food for our celebration dinner, shower and then movie. Since the movie opened the day before we knew that it would be crowded so we got our tickets early and even lined up. I love to people watch. There were few males in the crowd but there were many groups of ladies, just like us in the line. Oh, but before lining up we got our popcorn and mochi crunch and drinks. For those of you not from Hawaii, you're probably wondering what is mochi crunch. It is Japanese rice crackers flavored with shoyu. Hawaii people mix the popcorn and mochi crunch in the popcorn box and eat it together. It is so tasty. The saltiness and butter flavor of the popcorn goes perfectly with the shoyu taste of the mochi crunch. You must try this. The three of us shared a large popcorn and we were so busy talking and eating it in the line that we practically finished our snack before entering the theater.
SATC was a wonderful movie. The four ladies just clicked. Not only was the show hilarious it showed New York City well and the fashions were outrageous. Carrie was attractive and Mr. Big looked great on the big screen. The TV police show that he's on does not do him justice. And the storyline, each of the ladies had their story and they were all meaningful. I particularly connected to Miranda's story.
All in all it was time and money well spent. The best part of the whole thing is that the BD girl just loved it and she was so happy. That really made my day, making my GF happy on her birthday!

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